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Letter from Mark Skibinski

December 6, 2002

Merry Christmas, John & Juanita:

Flag flown on mission
Flag flown on mission
Hope you enjoy this flag, which I flew over Southern Iraq on a 10-plus hour mission to Afghanistan and back. These were some of the longest missions in a Fighter Aircraft ever recorded.

John, thanks for all your support for me and the rest of my fellow Illinois ANG pilots. The smoked salmon and other "care packages" were a nice taste of Alaska and a needed break from the Kuwait Desert.

John & Juanita, your "Patriotic Pride" is a great quality that is very hard to find in most people. Thanks again for always taking care of Annette when I was deployed to the Middle East and giving me the peace of mind she was always in the care of "Family".

It has been a pleasure always being treated so nicely in your family and all things you've done for the both of us. Enjoy the American Flag flown in the "WAR ON TERRORISM for a pair of GREAT Americans.

Love, Mark Skibinski

Mark in front of his F-15
Mark in front of his F-15
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