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Kingdom Come Poem

Out on the road one night
we saw a terrible fight.
Something about who was right
and who was wrong.

Nobody cares who won.
We all had our fun
Out on the road
to Kingdom Come.

All along the ride
it stands true in life
whenever a fire starts
a fight is begun.

Still it don't matter none.
Just look out for Number One
out on the road
to Kingdom Come.

Out on a highway site
over the Big Divide
driving the endless night
from dusk to dawn

it's such a lonesome ride.
How can a soul survive
out on the road
to Kingdom Come?

I have a love so great.
We have the strongest gate.
I felt the awful weight
of choosing one.

I saw the kids out there
playing Truth or Dare
out on the road
to Kingdom Come.

There's no highway signs.
And no light to shine.
You can lose your mind
if you have one.

You'd better hope and pray
you can find your way
out on the road
to Kingdom Come.

Good bye yesterday
and that lost highway.
You can never stay
where you came from.

Into the Great Unknown
you've got to go it alone
out on the road
to Kingdom Come.

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