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Big John

I met a man the other day
He's bigger than a door
Behind his back he's called Big John
To his face, "Senator"

Big John has lots of power
Prestige and all that stuff
I have seen the man at work
And boy he can be tough

He has earned all men's respect
Some fear him I am told
Yet they all listen when he speaks
His words are solid gold

He doesn't pull no punches
He's right there in your face
No double talk, no pussy foot
He'll put you in your place

But John, he has a tender side
Which doesn't always show
His friends and family own his heart
I've seen and know it's so

He's gentle as a kitten
When speaking of his wife
Tears well up and fill his eyes
When telling of his life

Generous and gracious
Not only big in size
He never stands so tall as when
He bends to recognize

All the "little people"
Who need a helping hand
The depth of bending low to hear
Is the true measure of a man

Yes sir, I've finally met him
the man know as Big John
He'll not soon be forgotten
His legacy lives on

With love and appreciation
Your friend

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