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Some of Senator John Cowdery's Positions

Below you will see a summary of some of my positions as well as links taking you to more in-depth position papers.

  • Taxes – I am against both an individual income and sales tax. I believe that both of these hurt our citizens and do not give an individual as much freedom to save or invest for their own future.

  • Development – I believe that in order for the state to make additional revenues we must look into the development of Gas to Liquids Technology and the possibility of a Natural Gas Pipeline. These projects are not only new and exciting sources of revenue, but good construction, engineering, technology, and service industry jobs for Alaskans. I believe that the Alaska State Legislature needs to do everything in its power to settle the issues surrounding the issues of developing these projects in order for private industry to make these projects a reality.

  • Gas to Liquids – I believe GTL will be a huge source of revenue to fund Alaska's government that will happen sooner or later; sooner if we are proactive and later if we are reactive. We have 40 trillion cubic feet of North Slope gas. This is enough to last 25 years - the gas has always been re-injected.

  • Insurance – I have adamantly worked to lower insurance rates for consumers, and ban the practice of insurance companies looking at financial credit scores versus your driving record or the location of your home. Credit scores and credit reports are frequently inaccurate and unfortunately some insurance companies find this an easy way to target consumers and raise premiums.

  • After-Market Crash Parts – I have worked hard to strengthen consumer protections. I went to bat in order to protect your vehicle's warranty when a collision occurs. In the case of motor vehicle repairs, there are many cases where consumers are not currently provided with full information on the many types of replacement crash parts, which are available to be used in the repair of their collision-damaged vehicles. Some types of replacement crash parts may be of inferior quality or may void the warranty for adjacent parts or other original vehicle equipment. I believe insurance companies must be responsible for maintaining the warranty on a vehicle that has been repaired with aftermarket crash parts at their direction.

  • Knik Arm Crossing – I believe the Knik Arm crossing needs to be a part of Anchorage's future. As Chairman of the Transportation Committee, I've worked hard to lay the groundwork for this project. I have had several positive meetings on the future Knik Arm Crossing with Alaskan businesses and our federal delegation.

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04-25-03: Whitehorse's "Peace" Resolution

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02-10-03: Outside Investments in Alaska's Permanent Fund

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