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Cowdery Family Stories

Below are links to some of our family's favorite stories, anecdotes, and observations.

Bad Shopping Experience: I've never been much for shopping at all ...

Big John: Our family friend Carol wrote this wonderful and very generous poem about me.

Leaves: The rap on the door was sharp, urgent, insistent, a foreboding of crisis…rappity - rappity-rappity rap ... Me rushing to the door, fumbling with the lock my adrenaline pumping, preparing for an emergency.

Changes: There's an old proverb that states "Times change and we change with them," and it is well demonstrated by the changes that have taken place in Alaska in less then fifty years

Angel on Top of the Christmas Tree: Santa was up at the North Pole, kicked back in his recliner chair, toasting his feet by the fire. Something woke him up and he was kind of startled. He glanced down at his watch. It was 11:30.

Family Case of Diptheria: In 1932, my mother and all four of us boys came down with that dreadful disease diphtheria. I was almost two, and the youngest in the lot. George was the oldest and he was nine. At that time diphtheria was usually considered fatal. We were all in the hospital at the same time.

History of Mining in Alaska: It was only after “Seward”s Folly” that Alaska’s short but rich economic history began with a central theme, “Resource Development.” Only one need fly around the state in a small airplane to realize how limited the exploration has been and thus become very excited about the unlimited possibilities which exists to serve man kinds needs.

A Dream Come True - The Wedding Story: I was asked by one of my staff members, Annette and her fiancé Mark to perform their wedding aboard the Johnita II. The wedding date was set for September 2nd, in the waters of Prince William Sound.

Nanook Doll Story: Juanita presents one of her beautiful hand-crafted dolls to Governor Murkowski.

Some of the Delusions We Live With: In the early 80s I thought I’d take my grandson Chuck hunting. I thought it would be a good time for bonding and personal talks.

Haynes Lake Story: Haynes Lake - A heavenly spot on this earth. This caption was on a business-type card that Boyd Haynes once gave me in the early 1950’s. He was my vision of a true Alaskan sourdough. He spent nearly 50 years at his lakeside cabin in the sprawling wilderness of the shadow of Mt. McKinley, now Mt. Denali. In his eyes it was the most beautiful place on this earth.

Growing Up With Jiggs: Juanita suggested I tell about my early childhood growing up on a farm in Missouri. I was born at the Cowdery family farm near Adrian, Missouri. Adrian is a very small town. I was one of the New Years first-born babies. I was born February 11th.

To Kingdom Come Poem:
Out on the road one night
we saw a terrible fight.
Something about who was right
and who was wrong

How to Give a Cat a Pill:
This story was written by a cat lover. Juanita and I hope you enjoy it.

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